Zemina Jaroš

Ljiljana Jaroš, Zemina's daughter, was killed in 1992 as a fourteen-year-old girl during shelling of Osijek. She is one of several hundreds of killed children. In Croatia, there is still no official register of children and other civilians who were killed during the war.

Artillery attacks on civilain targets in Osijek and the surrounding area happened, during the war, regularly in the period between June 1991 and May 1992, when, according to some sources, 87 civilians were killed and 156 were wounded. More than 500 mortar shells were fired on the city during one of the attacks which started on September 13, 1991. During that September, in only three days, more than 1000 missiles were launched on the city. According to some estimations, 32 children were killed in Osijek as a consequence of artillery attacks, although Croatia still has no register of children killed during war operations.

Ljiljana Jaroš was killed on April 5, 1992 by a shrapnel shell, which hit a news-stand in Osijek's neighbourhood Lower Town, in Krstova Street. Ljiljana was 14-years-old. She was coming back home after visiting some friends.

Zemina Jaroš, Ljiljana's mother, feels today as a second-class citizen. In the war, she lost both her child and her job. Death of her child, as well as deaths of many children from Osijek, has not been appropriately marked. She wants for her suffering to be recognized and acknowledged as is the suffering of other parents of the Homeland War victims. Just as the majority of parents of children killed during the war in Osijek, she has received no reparations and is receiving family disability benefits, but only because she is unemployed.

Parents of children who were killed during the war, as well as other people who lost family members, parents, or spouses, are, as civilan victims of war, disempowered. The law stipulates a means test and only one kuna of any kind of income is an obstacle for the realization of any material right.