Victim of sexual violence in war

P.Z. Survived sexual violence during the war. The accurate number of raped and sexually violated persons during the war is difficult to determine. They often remain silent, because of a trauma or fear that the society or family would judge them, so the crimes remain unreported. 

According to the Republic of Croatia State Attorney's Office, 67 victims of sexual violence as a form of war crime are registered. Perpetrators of 57 cases of sexual violence are known, while perpetrators in 10 cases of rape crimes remain unknown.

The problem of social stigmatization of victims of sexual violence is evident in the fact that victims often deny they were sexually violated. At the same time, victims of war-time sexual violence have still not gained deserved attention, protection during criminal proceedings or psychological support, which is one more reason why we today still have no information on the scale of rapes and sexual violence committed during the war.

The accurate number of raped women and persons sexually violated during the war is hard to determine. Due to the victims' trauma or fear that the society or family will judge them, they usually remain silent so the crimes remain unreported.

The burden of rape, felt mostly by victims, presents a joint burden weighing down on the entire society and it is high time that perpetrators of war-time sexual violence are prosecuted, and that victims of rape get systematic support.

We advocate for amendments to the Law on the rights of army and civilian war invalids, in which victims who suffered sexual violence would also be included, with the aim of ensuring reparations for all civilian victims of war.


Victims of criminal acts of sexual violence are mostly women, but in camps, prisons, and custodies, men have also been sexually violated, while in one court proceeding sexual violation of a child is also mentioned.