Vjera Solar

Ljubica Solar, Vjera's nineteen-year-old daughter, was killed in Sisak in 1991 by a snyper bullet through the window. Nobody has been punished for this crime yet. Vjera's request for compensation due to the death of her daughter was rejected and she is facing payment of high court expenses.

Vjera Solar's daughter, nineteen-year-old Ljubica, was killed on September 17, 1991 around 11p.m. In an apartment in the centre of Sisak, by an unknown perpetrator with a precise shot through the window.

After trying for years to get the district state attorney's office in Sisak and the police interested into investigating circumstance of her daughter's murder, Vjera Solar raised in March 2004 a law suit against the Republic of Croatia for compensation of non-material damages, due to mental pain caused by her daughter Ljubica's death.

In December 2007, she received a decision by which the court rejected her compensation claim and ordered her to pay 74,580.00 kuna of court expenses. Due to the statue of limitations, court expenses were decreased in 2009 to 8,580.00 kuna.

In January 2012, the Supreme Court rejected plaintiff's revision, finding it ungrounded, based on which Vjera Solar filed a constitutional complaint to the Republic of Croatia Constitutional Court in April 2012.

Despite the rejection of revision of the decision by which Vjera Solar's claim was not adopted and the fact that she needs to pay court expenses, her daughter's name was put in the indictment raised by the Osijek district state attorney's office, on the basis of which a trial is being held before the Osijek district court for war crimes committed in Sisak.

The Osijek district state attorney's office, after conducting an investigation, raised on December 16, 2011 an indictment against Vladimir Milanković and Drago Bošnjak, due to a reasonable doubt that they committed war crimes against civilians in Sisak in 1991 and 1992.