Marica Kadić

Nikola and Kata Dumbović, Marica Kadić's parents, were taken by members of the Serbian paramilitary army in 1991 from the village of Gora near Petrinja. Their bodies have still not been found and nobody has been held responsible for the crime in which more than 10 residents of the village were killed. Request for compensation for the death of their parents has been rejected and Marica and her sisters have to pay high court expenses.

From September 1991 to June 1992, numerous crimes against civilians were committed in occupied Petrinja and the surrounding villages. The overall number of killed and missing civilians still remains unknown. In the village of Gora near Petrinja, on the basis of data collected by Documenta's researchers, 10 killed or missing civilians have been registered, among them the Dumbović couple, Marica Kadić's father and mother.

Nikola and Kata Dumbović were taken away just before Christmas 1991 from their family house. A couple of days before they were taken away, members of Serbian paramilitary forces had entered the village and had plundered the local population's possessions.

Kata and Nikola Dumbović were pronounced dead on December 31, 1991, and their post-mortem remains have not been found until today. On October 11, 1997, on the basis of the decision made by the Sisak-Moslavina county authorized institutions, Nikola and Kata Dumbović were recognized as civilian victims of the Homeland War.

Criminal processing of the committed crime is still in the phase of pre-investigation against unknown perpetrators.

Daughters of the victims, Marica Kadić, Mira Debić and Jagica Kušan, started before the county court in Sisak, on January 17, 2006, on the basis of the Law on responsibility for damages incurred during acts of terrorism and public demonstrations, court proceedings for realizing the right to compensation for non-material damages, due to the death of their parents.

County court in Sisak, after holding a court proceeding, rejected the claim. The reason for rejection is statute of limitations of the compensation proceeding. Plaintiffs were ordered to pay high court expenses. On March 10, 2011, the Sisak district court confirmed the county court judgement.

Since May 4, 2011, the judgement rejecting the plaintiffs' compensation claim has been under revision of the Republic of Croatia Supreme Court.